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Hussey (Corkaguiny)

Members of the Hussey family held property in several parishes in the parish of Corkaguiny at the time of Griffith’s Valuation, including Walter, who was one of the principal lessors in the parish of Kildrum and James, who held several townlands in the parishes of Currans and Killeentierna, barony of Trughanacmy. The Ordnance Survey Name Books had reported Jane Hussey of Brandon Lodge as a proprietor in the parish of Clahaan in the 1830s, leasing from Lord Ventry's estate. In the 1870s Edward Hussey owned over 4000 acres, Samuel over 3000 and James over 2,700 acres in county Kerry. Bateman recorded Samuel Murray Hussey as the owner of over 7000 acres in county Kerry in 1883. In 1854, over 150 acres of Edward's estate was offered for sale in the Encumbered Estates Court, with Samuel Murray Hussey as petitioner. In February 1861 the estate of Samuel Murray Hussey of Rocklodge, county Cork, was advertised for sale. It included 100 acres of Roverkella, parish of Rahara, barony of Athlone, county Roscommon and annuities payable out of lands in county Tipperary. The county Roscommon land may possibly have come into the possession of the Husseys through the marriage of Samuel's grandfather, John Hussey of Dingle, with Helen Bodkin of Annagh, county Galway. The purchasers were Messers. Davis [in trust], Atkinson & Gibson. Samuel Murray Hussey (1824-1913) was a land agent and wrote a book published in 1904 entitled ''Reminiscences of an Irish Land Agent''. In 1906 terms had been arranged by the Congested Districts Board for the purchase of over 1300 acres of the Hussey estate in county Kerry. In 1909 the Board reported that over 1300 acres had been purchased from Samuel Murray Hussey.


Name Townland Civil Parish PLU DED Barony County Map Ref
Farranakilla Farrankilla Dingle Dingle Dingle 34 Corkaguiny Kerry OSI Ref: Q443014
OS Sheet: 43
Discovery map: 70
Lough House Lough Garfinny Dingle Dingle 34 Corkaguiny Kerry OSI Ref: V455998
OS Sheet: 53
Discovery map: 70
Knockavinnane Cottage Knockavinnane Ballymacelligott Tralee Arabela 161 Trughanacmy Kerry OSI Ref: Q899134
OS Sheet: 30
Discovery map: 71
Magh House or Edenburn Magh Ballymacelligott Tralee Nohaval 154 Trughanacmy Kerry OSI Ref: Q931115
OS Sheet: 39
Discovery map: 71
Liscarney Liscarney Ballyduff Dingle Ballyduff 28 Corkaguiny Kerry OSI Ref: Q537098
OS Sheet: 35
Discovery map: 70
Brandon Lodge Farran Cloghane Dingle Brandon Corkaguiny Kerry OSI Ref: Q524156
OS Sheet: 26
Discovery map: 70
Clooncurra Clooncurra Kinard Dingle Kinard Corkaguiny Kerry OSI Ref: Q507006
OS Sheet: 54
Discovery map: 70

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