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Cooper (Markree)

Edward Cooper was a soldier in Richard Coote [Lord Collooney]'s, regiment of horse. He is known in the family history as "The Cornet". After the Cromwellian settlement he was granted land in the Collooney area of county Sligo and in counties Limerick and Kerry. The family were already settled at Markree as is evident from the Hearth Money Rolls of 1665. They continued to be a major social and political power in the county for the next two centuries. An interesting feature of the heritage of Markree is its association with astronomy and meteorology. Weather observations have been taken there since 1828. Markree Castle is now a hotel. see for more details. The Coopers also held some land in the parishes of Ballinchalla and Kilmainebeg, barony of Kilmaine, county Mayo. In 1867 oyster beds and houses in the city of Dublin, associated with the estate of Edward Joshua Cooper, were offered for sale in the Landed Estates Court. In November of that year the Irish Times reported on the sale of Cooper property in the barony of Carbury, county Sigo, to William Middleton. In 1906 Col. Cooper's estate included almost 2000 acres of untenanted land in the barony of Tirerrill. By March 1916 Richard E.S. Cooper had accepted an offer of £11,000 from the Congested Districts' Board for his 1,639 acres in county Mayo. The Board also acquired over 500 acres of the Sligo estate. The Coopers retained at least part of their Munster estate from the 17th to the 19th century as Edward J. Cooper held land in the parishes of Knocklong, barony of Coshlea and Kilfrush, barony of Smallcounty in the early 1850s and in the 1870s is recorded as owning 1,118 acres in county Limerick.

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Name Townland Civil Parish PLU DED Barony County Map Ref
Markree Castle Markree Demesne Ballysadare Sligo Collooney 48 Tirerrill Sligo OSI Ref: G701252
OS Sheet: 26
Discovery map: 25
Elsinore Rosses Upper Drumcliff Sligo Drumcliff East Carbury Sligo OSI Ref: G630398
OS Sheet: 8
Discovery map: 16
Union Union Ballysadare Sligo Collooney 48 Tirerrill Galway OSI Ref: G685269
OS Sheet: 20
Discovery map: 25
Markree Observatory Clooneenroe Kilross Sligo Collooney 48 Tirerrill Sligo OSI Ref: G701252
OS Sheet: 26
Discovery map: 25
Tully More House Tully More Kilross Sligo Collooney 48 Tirerrill Sligo OSI Ref: G708258
OS Sheet: 26
Discovery map: 25
Castletown (Ballysadare) Cloonmacduff Ballysadare Sligo Collooney Tirerrill Sligo OSI Ref: G688268
OS Sheet: 20
Discovery map: 25
Quarryfield Quarryfield Clonoghil Tobercurry Kilturra 81 Corran Sligo OSI Ref: G598100
OS Sheet: 38
Discovery map: 25

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Contemporary printed sources

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