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Cogan (Rockbrook)

The Cogan family occupied a property which in the early 18th century had belonged to the Phibbs family. The property at Rockbrook is listed as being part of the Martin estate in the OS Name Books in 1836. The property at Lisconny passed by inheritence to Lady Norbury whose mother had been a member of the Phibbs family. This property seems to have been occupied by Robert Baker in 1814. In June 1865 John Cogan offered for sale the estate at Flower Hill in the barony of Corran, formerly the property of the Irwin family. The particulars indicate that the estate had been purchased in the Landed Estates Court by James Cogan, brother of John. In 1866 Bernard Cogan was the petitioner in the sale of property belonging to Timothy O'Donel in the Landed Estates Court. He purchased lands in Tourlestrane for £120 in this sale. Harloe Phibbs and James Cogan are jointly listed as the owners of over 2200 acres in county Sligo in 1876. At the same time Bernard Owen Cogan was the owner of over 1000 acres. In the 1870s Patrick Cogan was recorded as the owner of over 800 acres in county Sligo. At the time of Griffith's Valuation the representatives of Patrick Cogan were the lessors of property in the parish of Kilcolman, barony of Coolavin. In the Land Judges' Court in 1890 E.C. Cogan sold lands at Heapstown. McTernan notes that the Cogans were one of the principal Catholic landowning families in county Sligo in the nineteenth century.


Name Townland Civil Parish PLU DED Barony County Map Ref
Flower Hill Flower Hill Cloonoghil Tobercurry Cloonoghil 79 Corran Sligo OSI Ref: G603124
OS Sheet: 38 (house not marked)
Discovery map: 25
Rockbrook Rockbrook Ballynakill Sligo Drumcolumb 50 Tirerrill Sligo OSI Ref: G760218
OS Sheet: 27
Discovery map: 25
Lisconny Lisconny Drumcolumb Sligo Lisconny 52 Tirerrill Sligo OSI Ref: G702227
OS Sheet: 26
Discovery map: 25

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Contemporary printed sources

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