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Nugent (Pallas)

In 1677 Thomas Nugent was granted an estate of 3,250 acres in the baronies of Leitrim and Longford, county Galway, including Pallace. In 1824 Lord Riverston and Arthur Nugent of Flower Hill are described as resident proprietors in county Galway. Property at Pallas and Spring Garden were occupied by Anthony F. Nugent at the time of Griffith's Valuation. This branch of the Nugent family was related to the Earls of Westmeath and that title passed to them in the 1870s. As Earl of Westmeath, Anthony F. Nugent owned over 14,000 acres in county Galway in the 1870s as well as property in county Roscommon in the parish of Ogulla, barony of Roscommon. Michael Nugent, with an address in Brussels, owned over 900 acres at the same time. Following the 1903 Land Act the Nugent estate in the baronies of Leitrim and Longford was sold to the tenants. In 1906 the Hon. Richard A. Nugent held over 200 acres of untenanted demesne land at Rockfield, Greethill, Athenry as well as the mansion house there valued at £27. The Earl of Westmeath owned about 1200 acres of untenanted land at Pallas in 1906. 1,133 acres of the county Roscommon estate of Lord Westmeath was vested in the Congested Districts' Board on 14 Oct 1908. In 1912 the Earl of Westmeath accepted an offer on over 6000 acres of his Galway estate from the Congested Districts Board.


Name Townland Civil Parish PLU DED Barony County Map Ref
Rockfield House Rockfield Killeeneen Loughrea Greethill 114 Dunkellin Galway OSI Ref: M495240
OS Sheet: 96
Discovery map: 46
Pallas Pallas Tynagh Portumna Pallas 182 Leitrim Galway OSI Ref: M759084
OS Sheet: 117
Discovery map: 53
Spring Garden Spring Garden Tynagh Portumna Tynagh 184 Leitrim Galway OSI Ref: M749104
OS Sheet: 117
Discovery map: 53
Flower Hill Bouluskeagh or Flowerhill Tynagh Portumna Pallas 182 Longford Galway OSI Ref: M796096
OS Sheet: 107
Discovery map: 53
Ballynagar/Ballinagar Ballynagar Ballynakill Loughrea Ballynagar 135 Leitrim Galway OSI Ref: M715041
OS Sheet: 125
Discovery map: 52
Nutgrove Nutgrove or Feebrack Tynagh Portumna Pallas 182 Longford Galway OSI Ref: M772108
OS Sheet: 117
Discovery map: 53
Crannagh House Crannagh Tynagh Portumna Ballyglass Leitrim Galway OSI Ref: M774059
OS Sheet: 126
Discovery map: 53

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Contemporary printed sources

Modern printed sources