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Redington (Kilcornan)

The Redington family estate was centred on their house at Kilcornan. This had previously been a Burke estate which the Redingtons had acquired through marriage. Christopher Redington is described as a resident proprietor in 1824. In the 1830s townlands in the parishes of Kilconickny & Kilconierin are recorded as being the property of Mr. Redington. In 1855 Sir Thomas Redington owned several townlands in the parishes of Ballynacourty Kilconierin and Stradbally in the barony of Dunkellin including a house valued at £4 but accompanied by 100 acres of land. This was leased by Sir Thomas Redington to John Caven at Ballynamanagh in the parish of Ballynacourty. Also 8 townlands in the parish of Kilkerrin, barony of Tiaquin, were part of the Redington estate. The family owned over 10,000 acres in county Galway in the 1870s. In 1906 Anne Redington is recorded as the owner of over 900 acres of untenanted demesne lands at Kilcornan. In December 1913 2,748 acres of the estate of the Misses Reddington was vested in the Congested Districts' Board.


Name Townland Civil Parish PLU DED Barony County Map Ref
Ballynamanagh Ballynamanagh Ballynacourty Galway Clarinbridge 55 Dunkellin Galway OSI Ref: M400198
OS Sheet: 103
Discovery map: 52
Kilcornan Kilcornan Stradbally Galway Clarinbridge 55 Dunkellin Galway OSI Ref: M425204
OS Sheet: 95
Discovery map: 46
Fiddaun Lodge Fiddaun Kilkerrin Glennamaddy Shankill 80 Tiaquin Galway OSI Ref: M633 542
OS Sheet: 31
Discovery map: 39
Ballymanagh (Dunkellin) Ballymanagh Killogilleen Loughrea Killogilleen 132 Dunkellin Galway OSI Ref: M523169
OS Sheet: 104
Discovery map: 52

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Contemporary printed sources

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