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Bagot (Bagotstown, Ballyturin & Aghrane/Castlekelly)

This family were first established at Bagotstown, county Limerick in the 13th century. They later held land in counties Laois and Offaly. It was through a marriage with a member of the Cuff family that a junior branch of the Bagot family of county Offaly came to possess an estate in the barony of Ballymoe, county Galway. Catherine Cuff, a granddaughter of Thomas Cuff, a brother of James Cuff, Lord Tyrawley, married John Lloyd Bagot in 1775. Griffith's Valuation records Thomas Neville Bagot and his son John Lloyd Bagot owning townlands in the parishes of Drumatemple and Kilcroan. The Bagot estate was further expanded by the acquisition of the Castlekelly estate in the barony of Killian. Bateman notes that there much litigation between Mr. Bagot and his sister-in-law, afterwards Mrs. Roberts, on the issue. By the 1870s John Lloyd Bagot owned 6,900 acres in county Galway and 104 acres in county Roscommon, his brother Christopher Neville Bagot owned 12,396 acres in county Galway and another brother Bernard William Bagot of Carrownure, Lecarrow, owned 686 acres in county Roscommon. John Lloyd Bagot married Anna Georgina Kirwan of Ballyturin, parish of Kilbeacanty, barony of Kiltartan, county Galway. Their son John owned 1,072 acres in county Clare in the 1870s. By 1906 John Bagot held over 600 acres of untenanted demesne land in Ballyturin as well as the mansion house. 281 acres of the Bagot estate was vested in the Congested Districts' Board in February 1916.


Name Townland Civil Parish PLU DED Barony County Map Ref
Russaun (Russane) Russaun Kilbeacanty Gort Kiltartan 101 Kiltartan Galway OSI Ref: M483010
OS Sheet: 123
Discovery map: 52
Ballyturin Ballyturin Kilbeacanty Gort Kilbeacanty 100 Kiltartan Galway OSI Ref: M494004
OS Sheet: 123/129
Discovery map: 52
Durrow Durrow Drumatemple Glennamaddy Ballymoe 82 Ballymoe Galway OSI Ref: M699 718
OS Sheet: 2
Discovery map: 39
The Hermitage Lisnageeragh Kilcroan Glennamaddy Ballymoe 82 Ballymoe Galway OSI Ref: M677 706
OS Sheet: 2
Discovery map: 39
Aghrane Castle/Castle Kelly Aghrane or Castlekelly Athleague Mountbellew Killeroran 149 Killian Galway OSI Ref: M782 548
OS Sheet: 33
Discovery map: 40
Carrownure House Carrownure Upper St Johns Athlone Lecarrow 16 Athlone Roscommon OSI Ref: M994 527
OS Sheet: 46
Discovery map: 40

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Contemporary printed sources

Modern printed sources