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Henry Wrixon of Assolas was the father of William Wrixon who married Mary Becher in 1778. Their son, William, was created a baronet in 1831 as Sir William Wrixon Becher. At the time of Griffith's Valuation a relative, John Wrixon, held land in the parishes of Kilbrin, Knocktemple and Tullylease, while Henry Wrixon held land in the parishes of Castlemagner, Clonfert, Tullylease and Knocktemple, all in the barony of Duhallow, county Cork. In June 1852 the estate of Henry Vowel Wrixon (died 1877), amounting to 603 acres at Farrankelly, Ballinla, Aughrim Upper and Lower, barony of Orrery and Kilmore, was advertised for sale. In the mid 1870s Henry Wrixon of Paris is recorded as the owner of 1,008 acres in county Cork. Part of the lands of Aughrim and houses in the city of Cork were advertised for sale in July 1864, the city premises were puchased by Messers. Howe, Goold and Baker and Dr. Edward Townsend while the lands of Aughrim were bought in trust by Mr. Swift. Further premises in Cork city were sold in 1865. In February 1854 a quarter share of the demesne and lands of Blossomfort, the estate of Edward Wrixon, were advertised for sale. Blossomfort was originally leased to John Wrixon by Bartholomew Purdon in 1721. The whole demesne amouted to 545 acres and was partitioned in 1853. John Nicholas Wrixon, H.V.Wrixon and Charles Wrixon held the other three quarters. In March 1856 the demesne of Cecilstown and Ballinamona was advertised for sale, the estate of Thomas Tangney, assignee of Henry Wrixon. The original lease "for ever" was from Henry Wrixon of Assolas to John Wrixon of Cecilstown, 10 Dec 1779. The Freeman's Journal reported that the property was purchased by Mr. Wrixon for almost £3000. An extensive family history of both the Becher and Wrixon families is given by Grove White and published in the ''Journal of the Cork Historical and Archaeological Society'' (1907) under Ballygiblin.

Associated Families


Name Townland Civil Parish PLU DED Barony County Map Ref
Assolas Assolas Castlemagner Kanturk Greenane 164 Duhallow Cork OSI Ref: R427 028
OS Sheet: 23
Discovery map: 73
Summerville Gortnagross Ballyclogh Mallow Ballyclogh 234 Duhallow Cork OSI Ref: W512 983
OS Sheet: 32
Discovery map: 80
Blossomfort Blossomfort Ballyclogh Mallow Kilmaclenine 235 Orrery and Kilmore Cork OSI Ref: R491 011
OS Sheet: 24
Discovery map: 73
Cecilstown Lodge Cecilstown Castlemagner Kanturk Roskeen 168 Duhallow Cork OSI Ref: R483 023
OS Sheet: 24
Discovery map: 73
Castle Wrixon Castlewrixon South Imphrick Kilmallock Springfort 188 Orrery and Kilmore Cork OSI Ref: R545 162
OS Sheet: 8
Discovery map: 73
Ballyellis Ballyellis Mallow Mallow Mallow Rural 250 Fermoy Cork OSI Ref: W571 978
OS Sheet: 33
Discovery map: 80
Glenview Cottage Egmont Churchtown Mallow Churchtown 238 Orrery & Kilmore Cork OSI Ref: R482123
OS Sheet: 16
Discovery map: 73

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Contemporary printed sources

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