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Patrick Melvin writes that Carrowntryla was originally a Burke property, which was sold in 1753 to Anne Henry, widow of Hugh Henry, a Dublin banker, who died in 1743. Carrowntryla passed to William Henry who had an only daughter, Anne, who married William Handcock in 1802. These Handcocks shared a common ancestor with the Barons Castlemaine and both William Handcock's father and grandfather were clergymen. There was a legal dispute over the Handcock succession to the Carrownatryla estate. The Handcock estate was situated in the parishes of Addergoole, Dunmore, Tuam and Boyounagh in the baronies of Dunmore, Ballymoe and Clare, county Galway. William Henry Handcock married Catherine Josephine Kelly and left three daughters at the time of his death in 1842. In 1851 part of the estate was sold in the Encumbered Estates Court. The purchaser was Patrick Nolan, in trust. A dispute arose over ownership of the estate in the 1850s between John Delacour and John Stratford Handcock. Delacour was compensated but this eventually led to the sale of the estate in the mid 1890s to the mortgagees, Sir Henry Lopes and the representatives of Mr Fitzwilliam Dick. In the 1870s John Handcock's estate in county Galway amounted to 7,865 acres. Major Gerald Stratford Handcock bought back the house and a hundred acres in 1928.


Name Townland Civil Parish PLU DED Barony County Map Ref
Carrowntryla Carrowntryla Dunmore Glennamaddy Carrownagur 71 Ballymoe Galway OSI Ref: M512 602
OS Sheet: 17
Discovery map: 39
Prospect Prospect East Cloghprior Nenagh Knigh 86 Lower Ormond Tipperary OSI Ref: R861 875
OS Sheet: 14
Discovery map: 59

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Contemporary printed sources

Modern printed sources