Landed Estates
NUI Galway



Name Description
Beere At the time of Griffith's Valuation Richard Beere held two townlands in the parish of Bohola and one townland in the parish of Templemore, barony of Gallen, county Mayo, which he would appear to have bought from the sale of the Knox of Castlereagh estate. Richard Beere is recorded as owning 754 acres in county Mayo later in the nineteenth century.
McAlpine At the time of Griffith's Valuation Colonel James McAlpine held 3 townlands in the parish of Aglish and 1 townland in the parish of Breaghwy, barony of Carra, and 1 townland in both the parishes of Templemore and Killedan, barony of Gallen, county Mayo. In the 1830s he was leasing lands in the parish of Bohola, barony of Gallen, from the Knoxes of Castlereagh. He was resident at Windsor in the parish of Breaghwy from the 1830s and he bought his property in the barony of Carra, previously in the possession of the McDonnells, from the Marquess of Sligo in 1854. In 1876 his representatives owned 889 acres in county Mayo. The Westport Estate Papers contain records concerning the administration of the McAlpine Robertson estate in the late 19th century.
McDonnell (Breandrum) Records in the Westport Estate Papers document the McDonnells' possession of the lands of Breandrum and others in the barony of Carra, county of Mayo, in the 18th century. In 1854 the 3rd Marquess of Sligo sold Breandrum and other lands in the barony of Carra to Colonel James McAlpine. In 1855 James Malley, assignee of Francis Crosbie McDonnell, an insolvent, sold 455 acres in the parish of Turlough to Lyons Carney. The original lease, dated 1758, was from George FitzGerald of Rockfield to Alexander McDonnell of Castlebar, ancestor of F.C.McDonnell. The McDonnell interest in a similar lease was sold by the widow of William Malley in 1864. In 1878 the same lands, Toormore East and West, were advertised for sale in the Landed Estates' Court by Patrick Rowan. They were offered for sale in the Land Judges' Court in June 1890, again by members of the Rowan family. The Irish Times reported that the lots were not sold.
Arbuthnot Local sources suggest the Arbuthnot family were located in the parish of Burrishoole, barony of Burrishoole, county Mayo in the 1780s. John Arbuthnot had an interest in the O’Donel lands of Carrigahowley or Rockfleet, Carrowsallagh or Windsor and Rossyvera, which he sold to the 1st Marquess of Sligo in 1801. In 1802, Sir Robert Arbuthnot, a son of John, married Susan, only child of Colonel William Vesey of Farmhill, parish of Crossboyne, county Mayo, a great-grandson of Archbishop John Vesey of Hollymount. Three townlands in the parish of Crossboyne belonged to the Arbuthnots during the 19th century and their estate was bought by John Charles Sheffield.