Landed Estates
NUI Galway



Name Description
Tuohy In the 19th century the Tuohys held lands from the Lynch Blosses and Moores of Moorehall in the parish of Ballintober, barony of Carra, and Peter Tuohy (born circa 1780) was agent to the Lynch Blosses. The Tuohys also had lands in the parish of Killedan, barony of Gallen, county Mayo, which was in their possession from at least the 1830s and in the parish of Bohola which they leased from the Steeles. Patrick Tuohy, eldest son of Peter, lived at Oxford by the mid 19th century. Heaney writes that it was purchased from John Knox. Earlier in the 19th century Oxford was occupied by members of the Joyce family. In 1876 the Tuohys owned 1347 acres in county Mayo. Parts of the Tuohy estate were sold in May and July 1906 to the Congested Districts' Board.
Joyce (Oxford) Martin Joyce was transplanted to the parish of Killedan, barony of Gallen, county Mayo by the Cromwellian Commissioners. The Joyces resided at Oxford in the parish of Killedan, in the late 18th century. John Joyce of Bullane (Oxford) married Mary Taaffe of Greyfield in 1764. In the Ordnance Survey Name Books a Mr Joyce is recorded as the proprietor of three townlands in the parish of Breaghwy, barony of Carra, which were leased to J.Burke, sub sheriff. Six townlands in Breaghwy parish were held by Walter Joyce at the time of Griffith's Valuation.
Bourke (Castleburke) A vast estate in county Mayo had been established by Sir Theobald Bourke, 'Tibbot ne Long', created 1st Viscount Bourke of Mayo in 1627 and his son, Myles, 2nd Viscount, by the mid 17th century. However, their estate was confiscated by Cromwell and although part of it was restored, the costs involved in the implementation of their restoration meant that much of the estate had been acquired by Colonel John Browne by the end of the 17th century. Myles, 5th Viscount, and his family were left in possession of Castleburke, parish of Ballintober, barony of Carra and lands in the barony of Murrisk. Bridget Bourke, heiress to John, 8th and last Viscount, married an Englishman, Edmund Lambert, and their son, Aylmer Bourke Lambert, sold his estate to John Browne, 3rd Earl of Altamont, in 1795. He retained Castleburke and 470 acres which he sold in the Landed Estates' Court in 1862. It was purchased by John Griffin for over £1800. From 1821 James Tuohy was the tenant. Castleburke was the property of the Marquesses of Sligo until the late 20th century.