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In the 19th century the Tuohys held lands from the Lynch Blosses and Moores of Moorehall in the parish of Ballintober, barony of Carra, and Peter Tuohy (born circa 1780) was agent to the Lynch Blosses. The Tuohys also had lands in the parish of Killedan, barony of Gallen, county Mayo, which was in their possession from at least the 1830s and in the parish of Bohola which they leased from the Steeles. Patrick Tuohy, eldest son of Peter, lived at Oxford by the mid 19th century. Heaney writes that it was purchased from John Knox. Earlier in the 19th century Oxford was occupied by members of the Joyce family. In 1876 the Tuohys owned 1347 acres in county Mayo. Parts of the Tuohy estate were sold in May and July 1906 to the Congested Districts' Board.


Name Townland Civil Parish PLU DED Barony County Map Ref
Oxford Oxford Killedan Swineford Ballinamore 110 Gallen Mayo OSI Ref: M324 883
OS Sheet: 80
Discovery map: 32
Castleburke Castleburke Ballintober Castlebar Clogher 59 Carra Mayo OSI Ref: M167 773
OS Sheet: 99
Discovery map: 38
Drumminroe Drumminroe East Ballintober Castlebar Tawnynagry Carra Mayo OSI Ref: M139 791
OS Sheet: 99
Discovery map: 38

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Contemporary printed sources

Modern printed sources