Landed Estates
NUI Galway



Name Description
Walsh (Mohill) John Walsh was leasing property from Rev. Augustus Crofton in Mohill parish in the 1850s. He is also recorded as the lessor of a house valued at £12 in Clooncahir townland which was vacant at the time of Griffith's Valuation. The Walsh family "of Drumsna" are recorded as agents to the Boyle estate of Oliver Begg, of Mount Dalton, county Meath at the time of the first Ordnance Survey. In 1837 Hugh Walsh of Drumsna served as High Sheriff of Leitrim. In 1854 and again in 1861 the estate of Gerard Francis Walsh, a minor, was offered for sale in the Landed Estates' Court. It included a house in Drumsna as well as lands in the baronies of Ballintober and Boyle, county Roscommon, the barony of Tullyhunco, county Cavan and other parts of county Leitrim. The petitioners included members of the O'Beirne family. Belmont mansion and demesne, part of the town parks of Drumsna, with a fee farm rent on some land in the parish of Kilmore, barony of Ballintober North, county Roscommon, the estate of Gerald Francis Walsh, were advertised for sale in June 1883. Gerald F. Walsh owned 257 acres in county Roscommon and 95 acres in county Leitrim in the 1870s.
Simpson's Hospital In the mid 19th century the Trustees of Simpson's Hospital, founded 1779, owned land in the parishes of Aughrim and Clooncraff, barony and county of Roscommon. Some of their estate was leased from the See of Elphin and subleased to the Begg family and later to Thomas Babington. In the 1870s the Simpson's Hospital estate amounted to 696 acres in county Roscommon, 654 acres in county Meath and 2 acres in county Dublin.
Begg The Beggs were resident in the parish of Aughrim, barony and county of Roscommon, in the mid 18th century and living at Beech Abbey by the end of the century. The estate of Margaret Begg, a minor, in the parish of Aughrim, barony and county of Roscommon, was adverted for sale in April 1851 along with the mansion house and demesne of Mount Dalton, barony of Rathconrath, county Westmeath. The county Roscommon lands appear to have been purchased by Thomas Babington. Oliver William Costello Begg of Mount Dalton appears in the list of subscribers to Samuel Lewis ''Topographical Dictionary of Ireland'' (1837). At the time of Griffith's Valuation, Terroll and John Begg held the townland of Kye, parish of Clooncraff, barony of Roscommon. Kye was held on a lease dated 12 Oct 1785 from Patrick Dillon to James Begg and was advertised for sale in February 1854. Tyrrell Begg was the tenant. In the 1870s Tyrrell Begg and other Begg family members of Elphin owned 352 acres in county Roscommon.
Babington In 1679 Thomas Babington was granted 813 acres in the barony of Carbery, county Cork. At the time of Griffith's Valuation Thomas Babington held land in the parish of Aughrim, barony and county of Roscommon. He appears to have bought the Begg interest in these lands which were held from the Trustees of Simpson's Hospital. Thomas Babington of 72 Lower Baggot Street, Dublin is mentioned on the sale rental of the Begg estate. In the 1870s Thomas Babington of Dame Street, Dublin and Cork owned 396 acres in county Roscommon and 552 acres in county Cork.
Dillon (Roscommon) In the late 18th century Patrick Dillon owned land in the parishes of Clooncraff, Killukin and Kiltrustan, barony and county of Roscommon, some of which he leased to George Taaffe and James Begg. These lands amounting to over 1,000 acres, the estate of James Dillon, were advertised for sale in June 1853 and February 1854. In June 1855 a further 500 acres of James Dillon's estate, at Brackloon, parish of Kilcorkey, barony of Castlereagh, was advertised for sale in the Encumbered Estates court. It was the subject of chancery proceedings at the time.