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Lambert (Castle Lambert)

During the 19th century the Lamberts, a junior branch of the Lamberts of Creg Clare, county Galway, had an estate of over 5,000 acres, mainly in the parish of Athenry, barony of Clare, county Galway. In 1756 they bought their estate, originally known as the Aghrim or Moor estate, from the Blakes of Corbally in settlement of a debt. The Lamberts built a new residence and renamed the property Castle Lambert. The estate was offered for sale in the Encumbered Estates’ Court in 1855 and included lands in the baronies of Clare, Leitrim and Athenry. The Trousdells of Kilrush, county Clare, bought an interest in the estate at this time. Thomas Lambert had married Sarah Trousdell in 1850. Almost 40 years later the estate was again sold, in June 1892, having been proposed for sale as far back as March 1887, when the owner was Giles Eyre Lambert. Frank Shawe Taylor of Castle Taylor bought over 1,200 acres with the two houses, Castle Lambert and Moor Park. In the 1870s Captain Thomas Lambert had owned 2621 acres in county Galway and 989 acres in county Mayo. This branch of the Lambert family is well documented in the collection of S. & R.C. Walker, solicitors, in the National Archives.


Name Townland Civil Parish PLU DED Barony County Map Ref
Castle Lambert Castlelambert Athenry Galway Aughrim 64 Clare Galway OSI Ref: M462292
OS Sheet: 84
Discovery map: 46
Moor Park Moor Athenry Galway Aughrim 64 Clare Galway OSI Ref: M445 303
OS Sheet: 83
Discovery map: 46
Streamstown House(Tynagh) Ballindrimna Tynagh Loughrea Bracklagh 136 Leitrim Galway OSI Ref: M715140
OS Sheet: 106
Discovery map: 52

Archival sources

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Contemporary printed sources

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