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The ffolliott family held lands in the parish of Aghanagh since the early 18th century. At the time of Griffith's Valuation John Ffolliott was one of the principal lessors in the parish of Aghanagh, barony of Tirerrill. In the 1870s John Ffolliott had over 4000 acres in county Sligo as well as over 1400 in Leitrim and 1700 in Donegal. In 1906 Agnes Ffolliott owned over 600 acres of untenanted land in the barony of Tirerrill. Agnes was one of the five daughters of John Ffolliott. Mary and Margaret eventually inherited the estate. They sold it in the 1920s and went to live in England.

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Name Townland Civil Parish PLU DED Barony County Map Ref
Hollybrook Ballyhealy or Hollybrook Demesne Aghanagh Boyle Aghanagh 5 Tirerrill Sligo OSI Ref: G776123
OS Sheet: 40
Discovery map: 25
Colgagh House Colgagh Calry Sligo Calry Carbury Sligo OSI Ref: G732371
OS Sheet: 15
Discovery map: 25

Archival sources

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  • Hollybrook Photographs. 030/060.; Irish Architectural Archive
  • Reminiscences of Col. John Ffolliott of Hollybrook, 1824-1894. [Typescript]. ; Sligo County Library

Contemporary printed sources

Modern printed sources