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Taylor (Noan)

In 1666 Nathaniel Taylor, an officer in Cromwell's army, was ganted an estate of approximately 1,000 acres in the barony of Slievardagh, county Tipperary, including the townland of Noan. His grandson, Lovelace Taylor, purchased Ballinure in 1742. Lovelace's son Godfrey Taylor of Noan, county Tipperary, married as his second wife, Lydia, daughter and heir of Nicholas Bacon, in 1758. Edward Taylor of Noan, barony of Slievardagh, county Tipperary, married Elizabeth Hewetson of Kilkenny and had three sons who all died childless and a daughter Anne. Edward died in 1802 and was succeeded by his son Nathaniel who died in 1828. His daughter Anne married John Bagwell of Kilmore in 1819 and the Bagwell family were in possession of this estate by the mid 19th century. It was sold to Stanley Black in 1853. A younger brother of Edward, Nathanial Taylor, inherited Ballinure, a townland bordering Noan, but without a residence. Godfrey L. Taylor of Durrow, Queen's County (Laois), owned 996 acres in county Tipperary in the 1870s. In the mid 19th century the Taylor estate was in the parishes of Graystown, barony of Slievardagh, Peppardstown and Rathcool, barony of Middlethird. The estate of the trustees of the will of Godfrey Taylor at Rathkenny, barony of Middlethird, county Tipperary, was advertised for sale in May 1854.


Name Townland Civil Parish PLU DED Barony County Map Ref
Noan Noan Graystown Cashel Graystown 47 Slievardagh Tipperary OSI Ref: S166 454
OS Sheet: 54
Discovery map: 66

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Contemporary printed sources

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