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Stawell (Old Court & Crobeg)

This branch of the Stawell family, like the Kilbrittain family, trace their descent from Archdeacon Stawell of Kinsale in the mid 17th century. They settled at Ballylought, near Mallow, county Cork. George Stawell of Summerhill, Ballylought and Ballyveniter, married his cousin, Elizabeth, daughter of Jonas Stawell of Kilbittain and in 1805 their eldest surviving son, Jonas of Old Court, married Anne Elizabeth Foster, daughter of the Bishop of Clogher. Jonas and Anne's third son became Sir William Stawell (born 1815), Chief Justice of Victoria, 1857-1886. At the time of Griffith’s Valuation, their eldest son, George Cooper Stawell of Old Court, held land in the parishes of Donaghmore and Grenagh, barony of Barretts, county Cork. In 1843 George C. Stawell married Elizabeth Tandy of Belrath, county Meath but they had no children. Over 850 acres of his estate at Ballyveniter was advertised for sale in October 1851 and again in July 1852. George Stawell of Crobeg, county Cork, was a younger brother of Jonas Stawell of Old Court. In 1801 he married Elizabeth Longfield of Longueville and in the 1870s their son, George Stawell of Crobeg, owned 3,222 acres in county Cork. At the same time another family member, Jonas Stawell of Gurrane, younger brother of George Cooper Stawell, owned 1,257 acres. In March 1865, property in Cork City belonging to John Robert Stawell was sold in the Landed Estates Court to John Russell.


Name Townland Civil Parish PLU DED Barony County Map Ref
Garraun Garraun South Donaghmore Cork Firmount 101 Barretts Cork OSI Ref: W543 815
OS Sheet: 62
Discovery map: 80
The Hermitage Ballyandrew Doneraile Mallow Doneraile 242 Fermoy Cork OSI Ref: R610 062
OS Sheet: 25
Discovery map: 73
Crobeg Castlesaffron Doneraile Mallow Wallstown 246 Fermoy Cork OSI Ref: R618 063
OS Sheet: 25
Discovery map: 73
Old Court (Doneraile) Oldcourt Doneraile Mallow Doneraile 242 Fermoy Cork OSI Ref: R595 087
OS Sheet: 17
Discovery map: 73
Ballyviniter Ballyviniter Lower Mallow Mallow Mallow Rural 250 Fermoy Cork OSI Ref: R574010
OS Sheet: 25
Discovery map: 73
Summerhill Carhookeal Mallow Mallow Mallow Rural 250 Fermoy Cork OSI Ref: W563 972
OS Sheet: 33
Discovery map: 80

Archival sources

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Contemporary printed sources

Modern printed sources