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Minchin (Greenhills & Killacolla)

''Burke's Irish Family Records'' states that William Minchin, fifth son of Charles Minchin, bought Greenhills in 1703. In November 1851 the estate of his descendant the Reverend William Minchin of Greenhills, county Tipperary, was advertised for sale. It was comprised of 2,748 acres in the baronies of Eliogarty, Upper Ormond and Ikerrin, county Tipperary and 805 acres in King's County [county Offaly]. Montague Blackett bought the 332 acres of Greenhills (see Griffith's Valuation records the Reverend Minchin holding land in the parishes of Holycross, barony of Eliogarty, Borrisnafarney and Cullenwaine, barony of Ikerrin. The Reverend William Minchin was married to Mary Anne Corker Wright and their second son was Edward Corker Minchin who married Sarah Anne Hutchinson of Rockforest in 1848. After the sales of Greenhills and Rockforest members of this Minchin family emigrated to New Zealand and Australia. In June 1875 the 727 acre estate of the trustee of Charles Humphrey Minchin deceased at Killacolla, parish of Kilfergus, barony of Shanid, county Limerick, was advertised for sale. The sale included several fisheries in the River Shannon. The rental records that this estate had been purchased by Charles H. Minchin in the Encumbered Estates' Court from Richard Quin Sleeman. It includes notes re the bidding and that the property was bought in trust for Colonel Gascoigne for £11,000. Lieutenant Charles Humphrey Minchin was the third son of William Minchin of Greenhills, county Tipperary. In 1817 he married Amelia Wright of Rutland, King's County (county Offaly) and they had a number of children.


Name Townland Civil Parish PLU DED Barony County Map Ref
Green Hills Greenhills Cullenwaine Roscrea Borrisnoe 114 Ikerrin Tipperary OSI Ref: S034 816
OS Sheet: 22
Discovery map: 59
Rockforest Rockforest Corbally Roscrea Timoney 121 Ikerrin Tipperary OSI Ref: S205 864
OS Sheet: 18
Discovery map: 60
Sheehills House Thesheehys Corbally Roscrea Roscrea 120 Ikerrin Tipperary OSI Ref: S154 872
OS Sheet: 17
Discovery map: 60

Archival sources

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  • Baker, Ringwood & Gordon, solicitors' collection, includes copy rent roll of estate of Rev William Minchin in Cos Tipperary & King's County (Offaly), 28 Dec 1833. Small Accs. Index 105, M.3961; National Archives of Ireland

Contemporary printed sources

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