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Lloyd (Castle Lloyd)

This family was established in county Limerick from the 17th century and resided at Towerhill. The Lloyd familes of Towerhill, Castle Lloyd, Linfield and Beechmount all descend from Thomas Lloyd of Towerhill, a tax commissioner for county Limerick in 1660. Members of the various branches also intermarried in the 18th and 19th centuries. In 1710 the Reverend Thomas Lloyd of Towerhill and Fantstown Castle, county Limerick, married as his first wife, Mary Burgh, and from their eldest son descend the Lloyds of Castle Lloyd, from their second son the Lloyds of Towerhill and from their third son the Lloyds of Heathfield. The Reverend Lloyd married secondly Frances Bateman of Altavilla from whom the Beechmount Lloyds descend. Heads of the Castle Lloyd branch of the family in successive generations were clergymen. The family held land in the parishes of Abington and Tuogh, barony of Owneybeg, Oola, Doon and Tuoghcluggin, barony of Coonagh and Knocknagaul, barony of Pubblebrien. Some of their estate in the barony of Coonagh was either purchased or leased from the Earl of Portarlington. This estate was advertised for sale in 1855 and 1856. Thomas Lloyd bought back over 200 acres of his estate in the Encumbered Estates Court in April 1856. The estate of William Thomas Llewellyn Lloyd at Garryheakin, barony of Coonagh was advertised for sale in September 1871. In the 1870s Thomas Lloyd of Pallasbeg is recorded as owning 704 acres in county Limerick.

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Name Townland Civil Parish PLU DED Barony County Map Ref
Lemonfield House Lemonfield Knocknagaul Limerick Roxborough 57 Pubblebrien Limerick OSI Ref: R562 494
OS Sheet: 13
Discovery map: 65
Portnard Portnard Tuogh Limerick Doon West 75 Owneybeg Limerick OSI Ref: R763 537
OS Sheet: 15
Discovery map: 65
Towerhill Tuogh Tuogh Limerick Cappamore 73 Owneybeg Limerick OSI Ref: R765 492
OS Sheet: 15
Discovery map: 65
Ballyvorheen Ballyvorheen Abington Limerick Clonkeen 74 Owneybeg Limerick OSI Ref: R754 544
OS Sheet: 15
Discovery map: 65
Castle Lloyd Castlelloyd Oola Tipperary No 2 Oola 147 Coonagh Limerick OSI Ref: R816 422
OS Sheet: 24
Discovery map: 66

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Contemporary printed sources

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