Landed Estates
NUI Galway

Castle Lloyd

Townland Castlelloyd
Civil Parish Oola
PLU Tipperary No 2
DED Oola 147
County Limerick
Barony Coonagh
Description The seat of the Lloyd family in the 19th century, the sale rental of 1855 records that the original lease was from Robert Bradshaw to the Reverend Richard Lloyd, 8 Nov 1760. IN 1786 Wilson refers to Castle Lloyd as the seat of Rev. Mr. Lloyd. It was occupied by the Reverend Michael Foster in 1814 and by Thomas Lloyd in 1837. Although described by Lewis in 1837 as the handsome residence of Thomas Lloyd, the Ordnance Survey Field Name Book states that the house was in a neglected and decayed state in 1840 due to the death of "the Captain this year". By the time of Griffith's Valuation the house was leased to the Guardians of the Tipperary Union who were using it as a Workhouse. The buildings were valued at £44. Castle Lloyd was advertised for sale in November 1881 on 93 acres. It belonged to Patrick Daly who held it under a fee farm grant dated 12 July 1869 from Letitia Anne Bradshaw to William Daly. The Irish Tourist Association Survey of the early 1940s refers to the demolition of this house about 70 years previously and that only the circular tower remained of the extensive 18th century dwelling built by Captain Lloyd.
Castle Lloyd (ITA Collection, courtesy of Tipperary Studies, Tipperary Libraries, Thurles)

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