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Bevan (Camas)

Burke's ''Irish Family Records'' states that Thomas Beevin leased the lands of Camass, county Limerick, from Sir Standish Hartstonge Baronet in 1703 and it is obvious from the Ordnance Survey Name Books that the Bevans held Camas from the Earl of Limerick in the 1840s. Thomas Beevin's grandson, Henry, adopted the spelling 'Bevan'. Henry had three sons. From his second son descend the Bevans of Lemonfield, who mortgaged their North Camass property to the senior branch of the family in 1836. Members of the senior branch of the family intermarried with the Purdon, Gubbins, Furnell, Massy and Cooke families. At the time of Griffith's Valuation Frederick Bevan held an estate located in the parishes of Bruff, Dromin, Uregare, barony of Coshma and Darragh, barony of Coshlea. In the 1870s Reverend Frederick Bevan of Camass owned 72 acres in county Limerick and he eventually went to live in Australia. His father, John Bevan of Elton House, owned 1,000 acres in the county and their cousin, Joseph Bevan of Glenbevan, owned 586 acres. Lands in the barony of Connello Lower bought by Joseph Bevan in the Encumbered Estates' Court, formerly part of the Southwell estate, were advertised for sale in July 1879 by members of the Bevan, Finch and Taverner families. The estate of William Bevan, situated in the barony of Kilconnell, county Galway, was offered for sale in the Encumbered Estates court in October 1854.


Name Townland Civil Parish PLU DED Barony County Map Ref
Lemonfield House Lemonfield Knocknagaul Limerick Roxborough 57 Pubblebrien Limerick OSI Ref: R562 494
OS Sheet: 13
Discovery map: 65
Camas Camas South Monasteranenagh Kilmallock Bruff 22 Smallcounty Limerick OSI Ref: R605 367
OS Sheet: 31
Discovery map: 65
Elton Elton Knockainy Kilmallock Emlygrennan 34 Smallcounty Limerick OSI Ref: R695 313
OS Sheet: 40
Discovery map: 65
Glenbevan Glenbevan Croom Croom Ballynabanoge 14 Coshma Limerick OSI Ref: R533 381
OS Sheet: 31
Discovery map: 65
Milltown Milltown Uregare Killmallock Uregare 24 Coshma Limerick OSI Ref: R647 352
OS Sheet: 40
Discovery map: 65
Darragh House Darraghmore Darragh Kilmallock Darragh 33 Coshlea Limerick OSI Ref: R725 170
OS Sheet: 57
Discovery map: 73

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