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Marshall (County Kerry)

John Marshall, son of Robert, assignee to Sir William Petty, was granted 58,701 acres in the barony of Iveragh, county Kerry in 1686. The Marshall family held lands in the parish of Currans, barony of Trughanacmy, until the 1840s. Richard John Marshall was the owner of over 5600 acres in county Kerry in the 1870s. Bary states that the Callanafersy estate was inherited by Richard John Leeson, a descendent of the Leesons of Russborough, county Wicklow. He assumed the additonal name of Marshall from his uncle, who had been leasing these lands from the Godfreys to whom he was related.


Name Townland Civil Parish PLU DED Barony County Map Ref
Ballymacadam House Ballymacadam Castleisland Tralee Castleisland 152 Trughanacmy Kerry OSI Ref: R029106
OS Sheet: 40
Discovery map: 72
Riverville (Currans) Urrohogal Currans Killarney Currans 87 Trughanacmy Kerry OSI Ref: Q927064
OS Sheet: 39
Discovery map: 71
Callanafersy House Callanafersy West Kilcolman Killarney Milltown 84 Trughanacmy Kerry OSI Ref: V779994
OS Sheet: 56
Discovery map: 78

Archival sources

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Contemporary printed sources

Modern printed sources