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The introduction to the Devon rentals at the Limerick City Archives states that "the Devon Estate in Newcastle West was granted to Sir William Courtenay, Knight of Powerham in Devonshire, on 23 September 1591" and that the estate eventually amounted to 85,000 acres. Various land sales reduced the size of the estate over the years until the final sale of 1908. The Devon estate was mainly located in the barony of Glenquin in the south west of county Limerick. In 1786, Wilson mentions a house at Newcastle, "the seat of the Rev. Mr. Locke, with a well-improved demesne, and a plain elegant church, built by Viscount Courtney". Lewis writes that the entire parish of Grange was the property of the Courtenay family "but the greater part was sold during the life of the late Earl of Devon". In the mid 19th century it was mainly located in the parishes of Monagay and Killedy but also in Grange, Mahoonagh and Newcastle. The Earl of Devon also held land in the parishes of Ardagh, Newcastle and Rathronan, barony of Shanid, county Limerick. Alfred Furlong of Newcastle was the agent in the early 1840s and Lewis records him as resident at Courtenay Castle. The Curling family took over in 1848 and Edward Curling, his son, Charles Edward Napier Curling and grandson, Richbell Curling, were successively land agents to the Devon estate, The castle at Newcastle West was eventually bought by the Curlings in the early 20th century. In the 1870s the Earl of Devon of Powderham Castle, Exeter, owned 33,026 acres in county Limerick. The Devon estate was sold in 1908. Gibbon Raleigh's lease of 105 acres of Ballinvullin, barony of Glenquin, which he held from the Earl of Devon for 31 years from 1861 was advertised for sale in January 1874.


Name Townland Civil Parish PLU DED Barony County Map Ref
Dromin Dromin Grange Newcastle Newcastle 117 Glenquin Limerick OSI Ref: R292 336
OS Sheet: 36
Discovery map: 64
Moyveedy Moveedy Grange Newcastle Newcastle 117 Glenquin Limerick OSI Ref: R307 345
OS Sheet: 36
Discovery map: 64
Cloonyscrehane Cloonyscrehane Monagay Newcastle Newcastle 117 Glenquin Limerick OSI Ref: R292 325
OS Sheet: 36
Discovery map: 64
Cullenagh Cullenagh Monagay Newcastle Newcastle 117 Glenquin Limerick OSI Ref: R277 336
OS Sheet: 36
Discovery map: 64
Woodlawn Knockane Monagay Newcastle Newcastle 117 Glenquin Limerick OSI Ref: R276 333
OS Sheet: 36
Discovery map: 64
Lissurland Lissurland Monagay Newcastle Monagay 107 Glenquin Limerick OSI Ref: R246 285
OS Sheet: 44
Discovery map: 72
Newcastle Castle Demesne Newcastle Newcastle Newcastle 117 Glenquin Limerick OSI Ref: R278 337
OS Sheet: 36
Discovery map: 64

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Contemporary printed sources

Modern printed sources