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The Irwin estate at Tanrego was purchased by Verschoyle in the 1860s. According to the OS name books the Verschoyles had previously held land in the parishes of Kilglass and Kilmoremoy, Barony of Tireragh. Rev. Joseph Verschoyle held Glebe lands in the parish of Kilmoremoy and occupied buildings valued at £30 in 1857. In 1906 Richard J. Verschoyle is listed as the occupier of lands at Tanrego East including the mansion house. In 1912 an offer was accepted from the Congested Districts Board for the purchase of over 1200 acres of the Verschoyle estate.

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Name Townland Civil Parish PLU DED Barony County Map Ref
Kilturra Kilturra Kilturra Tobercurry Kilturra Corran Sligo OSI Ref: G604089
OS Sheet: 38
Discovery map: 32
Tanrego Tanrego East or Carrowmore Dromard Dromore West Dromard East 24 Tireragh Sligo OSI Ref: G601313
OS Sheet: 19
Discovery map: 25
Ardnaree Rectory Glebe Kilmoremoy Ballina Ardnaree South 3 Tireragh Sligo OSI Ref: G246181
OS Sheet: 29
Discovery map: 24
Kilglass Kilglass Kilglass Dromore West Kilglass Tireragh Sligo OSI Ref: G311321
OS Sheet: 16
Discovery map: 24

Archival sources

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Contemporary printed sources

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