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Ievers (Mountievers)

The first member of this family to settle in county Clare in the 1640s was Henry Ievers. He was a clerk of the King’s Commissioners for settling quit rents and was granted over a thousand acres counties Clare and Galway in 1667 and a further 2,000 acres in 1678. Further lands were purchased from the Chichester House Commissioners in 1703. Henry Ievers' grandson, another Henry Ievers, built Mount Ievers, designed by John Rotherey, close to the village of Sixmilebridge. George Ievers was the sixth son of the original Henry Ievers, clerk, and from him descend the Ievers of Castle Ievers, county Limerick, who appear to have come into possession of Mount Ievers as well. At the time of Griffith’s Valuation almost all the Ievers estate in county Clare was in the parish of Kilfinaghta, barony of Bunratty Upper. Eyre Ievers held Mount Ievers from his brother James at this time. By the 1870s Henry A. and Mildrid Ievers of Mount Ievers owned 282 and 501 acres respectively and John A. Ievers of Ieverstown owned 420 acres in the county. The family still live in the house.

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Name Townland Civil Parish PLU DED Barony County Map Ref
Ieverstown Ieverstown Kilfinaghta Limerick Mountievers 118 Bunratty Lower Clare OSI Ref: R478 659
OS Sheet: 52
Discovery map: 58
Mount Ievers Mountievers Kilfinaghta Limerick Mountievers 118 Bunratty Lower Clare OSI Ref: R485 663
OS Sheet: 52
Discovery map: 58
Quinville House Quinville North Quin Tulla Quin 145 Bunratty Upper Clare OSI Ref: R415 753
OS Sheet: 34
Discovery map: 58
Glenduff Castle Glenduff Monagay Newcastle Mountplummer 108 Glenquin Limerick OSI Ref: R303 217
OS Sheet: 53
Discovery map: 72

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