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Bingham (Erris)


A junior branch of the Binghams of Newbrook, county Mayo, Barons Clanmorris. Two brothers Henry of Annagh and Denis of Bingham's Castle were established in the barony by the early 19th century.


Name Description
Fawcett (Ballykinlettragh) The Fawcetts were resident on the townlands of Ballykinlettragh, parish of Kilfian, and Ballinglen, parish of Doonfeeny, barony of Tirawley, county Mayo, at the time of the first Ordnance Survey c 1838. Lewis records Mount Glynne, the residence of J. Faussett, and Gross Lodge of R. Faussett. John and Richard Fausett MD were brothers and they had sisters: Jane who married Reverend Francis Little, Anne who married Andrew Watts and Mary who married Robert Mostyn. John Fawcett was agent to his sister, Mrs Watts, who was leasing Glencolry Lower from the Knoxes of Castlereagh. John Fausett married Matilda, widow of John Knox of Stoneville, Crossmolina. They were also connected to the Bournes family of Rossport.
Bingham (Bingham's Castle) The Bingham family of Newbrook, parish of Robeen, county Mayo, later Barons Clanmorris, inherited half the estate of Sir Arthur Shaen in the barony of Erris through a marriage in 1738. Denis Bingham, a younger son, settled in the Belmullet peninsular in the late 1790s and built Bingham's Castle. The Binghams of Erris are descended from him and from his brother, Henry of Annagh. Theresa Bingham Daly lists the undivided moiety of the Binghams in the barony of Erris in a quote from the will of Henry Bingham of Newbrook, dated 22 Dec 1789 (see page 78). The Binghams also held land in the parish of Kilfian, barony of Tirawley, which was advertised for sale in the Encumbered Estates' Court in 1855. In the previous year almost 13,000 acres were offered for sale in the barony of Erris by the Bingham family. In 1876 Denis Bingham owned 4827 acres in county Mayo, Arthur Shaen Bingham of Doolough owned 1662 acres and female members of the family, mainly residing in Kingstown and Dalkey, county Dublin, owned another 17,000 acres, see the family trees in McCalmont's book. Much of Denis Bingham's estate in the barony of Erris was sold in the Landed Estates' Court in 1878. Property owned by Elizabeth Eleanor and Gerald Henry Bingham, in the barony of Erris, was advertised for sale in the Land Judges' Court in November 1889.
Bingham (Annagh) This family was a junior branch of the Binghams of Newbrook, parish of Robeen, county Mayo, who inherited some of the Shaen estates in the barony of Erris. The Binghams of Erris are descended from Henry of Annagh and his brother Denis of Bingham's Castle. In 1876 Henry Bingham of Annagh owned 9471 acres in county Mayo and Mrs Sarah Bingham [wife of his uncle the Reverend John Bingham] owned a further 1010 acres.
Carter The Carter family of Castlemartin, county Kildare, inherited half the Shaen lands in the barony of Erris, county Mayo, through marriage with a Shaen heiress in 1750. In the mid 1820s they founded the town of Belmullet and developed it with the assistance of John Crampton, their agent, and the engineer, Patrick Knight. The Carters also owned the head rent of Corramore and Kilmore in the parish of Athleague, barony of Athlone, and an undivided moiety of Tarmonbarry in the barony of Ballintober, county Roscommon. These lands were offered for sale with other estates in counties Meath, Kildare and King's county (county Offaly) in May 1855. In 1876 the Carter family owned over 40,000 acres in county Mayo and had a residence in Oxfordshire, England. Lands, the property of Adelaide Shaen-Carter were sold in the Land Judges' Court in June 1885. The purchaser was John Conway.
Nash The Nash family acquired lands on renewable leases for ever from Sir Arthur Shaen in the barony of Erris in the early 18th century. In 1752 Bishop Pococke spent a night with the Nashs on their farm near the old ruined castle of Cloontakilly in the parish of Kilcommon, Bangor Erris locality. In the 19th century they were settled on the Belmullet peninsular at Carn in the parish of Kilmore. In 1846 Elizabeth Elinor Nash, only child and heiress of Arthur Nash, married Denis Bingham of Bingham's Castle. In 1853, in the Encumbered Estates' Court, she sold the lands of Inver, Emlaghbeg and Carn [Nash] to John Reilly.
Shaen In the 1660s Sir James Shaen of Kilmore, county Roscommon, Surveyor General of Ireland, bought a large portion of the barony of Erris, county Mayo, from Robert Viner, a London goldsmith, who had been granted the lands by Charles II in payment of a debt. In 1695 the estate of approximately 95,000 acres was inherited by Sir James' son Arthur and subsequently passed to the Bingham and Carter families through marriage with the two daughters and heiresses of Sir Arthur. Sir Arthur granted leases in perpetuity to the Protestant settlers he introduced onto his estate.
Gamble/Gambell A family who settled in the barony of Erris early in the 18th century when they were leased lands by Sir Arthur Shaen. Arthur Gamble sold his life interest in more than 400 acres in county Mayo in November 1872, along with 609 acres in county Westmeath. The Irish Times reported that the Mayo property was sold to Mr. James C. MacDonnell. On 5 June 1860 Arthur Gamble of Washbrook, county Westmeath married Alicia Frances, daughter of William Fetherstonhaugh of Carrick, county Westmeath. Their second daughter, Alicia Fanny, married Henry Charles Gregory, solicitor and Land Commissioner in 1884 as his second wife.
Lyons Dean John Patrick Lyons, Parish Priest of Kilmore Erris, and his brother Luke held land in the Binghamstown area, barony of Erris, county Mayo, in the mid 19th century. Dean Lyons lived in Binghamstown House, which he leased from the Bingham family. In 1876 a Henry Lyons of Carrowkeel, Crossmolina, owned 963 acres and Mrs Marianne Lyons of Ardmore, Belmullet owned 450 acres in county Mayo. By March 1916 offers from the Congested Districts' Board for both acreages had been accepted by Lyons and McDermott.
Bingham (Newbrook) This estate was founded by John Bingham of Foxford, county Mayo, younger brother of Sir Henry Bingham, ancestor of the Earls of Lucan, in the mid 17th century. The county Mayo part of the estate was concentrated in the parishes of Mayo, barony of Clanmorris; Robeen, Kilcommon and Mayo, barony of Kilmaine; Rosslee and Touaghty, barony of Gallen and Ballynahaglish, barony of Tirawley. The Lords Clanmorris also held lands in the parishes of Claregalway and Lackagh, barony of Clare, county Galway. The Clanmorris estates included the town of Foxford and in 1876 amounted to 12,337 acres in county Mayo and 5,295 acres in county Galway plus 479 acres in the town of Galway. Guinness and Company were the agents for the county Mayo estates in the 1830s. In 1906 Lord Clanmorris was the owner of over 300 acres of untenanted demesne land at Cregaclare. A final offer from the Congested Districts' Board of £16,121 had been accepted for 3053 acres of the Clanmorris estate in county Mayo by March 1916.
Hassard Robert Hassard of Parkmore, Ballymena, county Antrim, owned 1146 acres in county Mayo and had other property holdings in counties Antrim, Tyrone and Fermanagh. It is apparent from the Hassard Papers in the Public Record Office of Northern Ireland that he purchased some of the Bingham estate advertised for sale in April 1854 and some of the Ruttledge estate for sale in 1861.