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Cuthbert (Cloghprior)


Name Description
Cuthbert (Cloghprior) Members of the Cuthbert family were involved in the legal profession in the 19th century. Eccles Cuthbert was the eldest son of the Reverend Robert Cuthbert of Drogheda. He and his brother Robert both trained at the King's Inns circa 1800. In the mid 19th century Edwin Cuthbert held at least five townlands in the parish of Cloghprior, barony of Lower Ormond, county Tipperary and the representatives of Eccles Cuthbert held land in the parishes of Dromineer, barony of Lower Ormond and Youghalarra, barony of Owney and Arra. The lands of Knockrenehan and Garrankivane, 179 acres in the barony of Owney and Arran with premises in Dublin, the estate of Elizabeth Cuthbert, widow, were advertised for sale in June 1850 and again in November, as were her lands at Annabeg, barony of Lower Ormond, in May 1854. Frances Anne, only child and heiress of Edwin Cuthbert of Clough Prior, married John Flower. John Flower of England owned 844 acres in county Tipperary in the 1870s.
Woodward Daniel Grace writes that the Woodward family lived at Cloghprior from the 1660s. Cloghprior House was bulit by William Woodward in the mid 18th century. However by the mid 1770s the Woodwards were in financial difficulties and land was sold to James Otway who built Prior Park on it. In 1844 Cloghprior was sold to Edwin Cuthbert. In the late 1850s Frank Woodward leased Prospect House from Maurice Studdert of Lodge and his daughters continued to live there until the 1940s.