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Morris (Ballinaboy)


The Morris family of Ballinaboy were descended from the Galway family of Morris, one of the tribes.


Name Description
Morris (Ballinaboy) Through marriage with a member of the Lynch family the Morrises inherited a quarter part of the estate of the Frenchs of Errislannan, parish of Omey, barony of Ballynahinch, county Galway. Once the Errislannan estate was officially divided in 1843 the Morris family built Ballinaboy House on their part of the division. Griffith's Valuation shows them holding 2 townlands in the parish of Ballindoon. They were ruined financially by the Famine and leased the land and house to John Kendall of London. In the 1870s Anthony Morris owned 597 acres in county Galway. In 1890 the Morris family were able to buy back the lease and settled again at Ballinaboy in 1896. Members of the family still reside there.
Kendall In the mid 19th century John Kendall, a London lawyer, bought the estate of the Morrises of Ballinaboy, parish of Ballindoon, barony of Ballynahinch, county Galway. The sale rental of the Graham estate in 1858 shows him renting 2112 acres at Addergoole, the part known as 'The Glen'. In the 1870s he owned 2892 acres in the county. He sold the Ballinaboy property back to the Morrises before the end of the century. In 1906 the representatives of John Kendall held untenanted land in the parish of Ballindoon. By March 1916 P. J. Kendall and another had accepted a final offer from the Congested Districts' Board for 2630 acres of untenanted land.