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Lynch (Lavally)

This branch of the Lynchs were able to trace their ancestors back to at least the 14th century in the town of Galway. They were transplanted during the Cromwellian settlement to lands in the barony of Dunkellin including Lavally. In 1824 Matthew Lynch of Lavally is described as a resident proprietor in county Galway. Thomas Lynch is recorded as the owner of over 500 acres in the early 1870s. The family continued to reside at Lavally until Anthony Lynch sold the estate and went to live in Australia. In 1906 Delia Mullin is recorded as the owner of Lavally House and 54 acres of untenanted demesne land.

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Name Townland Civil Parish PLU DED Barony County Map Ref
Lavally Lavally Killeely Gort Killeely 93 Dunkellin Galway OSI Ref: M450220
OS Sheet: 95
Discovery map: 46
Stoneleigh Laghtphillip Killeeneen Gort Killeely 93 Dunkellin Galway OSI Ref: M492223
OS Sheet: 95
Discovery map: 46

Archival sources

  • Encumbered Estates' Court Rentals (O'Brien), 1548 acres in baronies of Clare & Dunkellin, 9 Nov 1855, Vol 36, MRGS 39/017 (microfilm copy in NUI, Galway); National Archives of Ireland
  • Chancery Land Judges map of the estate of Anthony Lynch, Lavally, barony of Dunkellin, Co Galway, 21 July 1880. Acc. No. 999/328; National Archives of Ireland
  • Estate records of Denis J. Kirwan and Sons, land agents, Tuam, mid 19th - mid 20th centuries, includes copy letters re estate of M.J. Lynch in the parishes of Killeeneen & Killeely, 1920s. Acc. 5124; National Library of Ireland

Contemporary printed sources

Modern printed sources