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Ormsby (Cummeen)

Thomas Ormsby acquired land in Sligo in the mid-17th century and the family expanded to hold property in several parts of Counties Sligo and Mayo in the next 200 years. They are listed as holding land in Drumclyffe in the Census of 1659. From the later 18th century the estate at Cumeen was frequently absentee and the house rented to a variety of tenants. Lands in trustee for Dorothea Ormsby were offered for sale in the Landed Estates Court in December 1859 by Richard Newcomen. In 1861 a portion of the estate at Lissavally, barony of Carbury was offered for sale in the Landed Estates Court. The lands were sold to the Irwins under the Land Acts and the house demolished in the 1940s.

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Name Townland Civil Parish PLU DED Barony County Map Ref
Cummeen (also spelt Cummin) Cummeen Killaspugbrone Sligo Knockaree 60 Carbury Sligo OSI Ref: G660363
OS Sheet: 14
Discovery map: 16

Archival sources

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Contemporary printed sources

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