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Tighe (Woodstock)

In the 1870s the Right Honourable William F. Tighe of Woodstock, county Kilkenny, owned over 1,800 acres in county Tipperary, with even larger estates in counties Kilkenny, Carlow and Westmeath. His mother was Marianne daughter and co heir of Daniel Gahan of Coolquil, county Tipperary and his wife Hannah Bunbury of Kilfeakle. Hannah Bunbury was a co heiress to her uncle Matthew Bunbury of Kilfeakle. Hussey also records his nephew Frederick E. Tighe as the owner of 590 acres in county Tipperary.

Associated Families

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Archival sources

  • Twenty-seven deeds relating to the Tighe family of Woodstock, Co. Kilkenny and lands in Cos. Dublin, Kildare, Kilkenny and Tipperary, 1722, 1785, 1810-53. D. 10723-49 ; National Library of Ireland
  • Fifty deeds relating to Tighe of Dublin and lands in Cos. Tipperary, West-meath, Kilkenny, Carlow and Dublin. Other parties include R. Clayton, Col. F. G. Nugent, J. Campion, M. Wilde, J. Fetherston, J. T. O'Reilly, L. E. Foot, 1773, 1780, 1787, 1800-44. D. 9656 - 9705 ; National Library of Ireland

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