Landed Estates
NUI Galway



Name Description
Bunbury Thomas Bunbury held two townlands in the parish and barony of Moycullen, county Galway, at the time of Griffith's Valuation and lived in the Manor House. In the 1870s Mrs Bunbury owned 954 acres in county Galway. The Bunburys may have been associated with the Bunbury family of Moyle, county Carlow and the Barons Rathdonnell.
Bunbury (Kilfeakle) This branch of the Bunbury family descend from Mathew Bunbury of Kilfeacle, county Tipperary, fifth son of Benjamin Bunbury of Killerig, county Carlow. Matthew Bunbury of Kilfeackle was a brother-in-law to Henry Prittie and is recorded as living mainly in England in the 1770s. His estate was valued at £2000 (Kilboy Papers). In 1840 the Ordnance Survey Name Books refer to his descendant, Benjamin Bunbury, as the proprietor of a townland in the parish of Cordangan, barony of Clanwilliam. Sir James Richardson Bunbury owned townlands in Kilfeakle Parish at the same time. At the time of Griffith's Valuation , Benjamin Bunbury of Johnstown, held land in the parishes of Ballysheehan, Gaile and Outeragh, barony of Middlethird, and Kilfeakle and Templeneiry, barony of Clanwilliam, county Tipperary. The return of landowners in 1876 records Benjamin Bunbury of Tramore owning 832 acres in county Tipperary while Hussey in 1878 lists Benjamin Bunbury of Belmount House, Waterford as the owner of 1,411 acres and Ralph Hall Bunbury of Noremount, county Kilkenny as the owner of 2,032 acres in county Tipperary. see In the 1760s Kilfeacle was inherited by Elizabeth Bunbury who married St George Richardson, a member of the Richardson family of Augher Castle, county Tyrone. Their son William was created a baronet in 1787. His descendant, Reverend Sir John Richardson Bunbury, owned 788 acres in county Tipperary in the 1870s.
Bunbury (Lisbryan) The Bunbury family of Lisbryan, barony of Lower Ormond, county Tipperary, descend from Thomas Bunbury son of Thomas Bunbury of Lisnevagh, county Carlow and his wife Susanna Priscilla Isaac. Rebecca daughter of Thomas Bunbury of Lisbryan married Ralph Smith Smith of Milford, who succeeded his father in 1835. At the time of Griffith's Valuation Thomas Bunbury held land in the parish of Ballingarry, county Tipperary, from Lord Ashtown. In the 1870s the Lisbryan estate amounted to 739 acres in county Tipperary and 38 acres in King's County (Offaly).
Tighe (Woodstock) In the 1870s the Right Honourable William F. Tighe of Woodstock, county Kilkenny, owned over 1,800 acres in county Tipperary, with even larger estates in counties Kilkenny, Carlow and Westmeath. His mother was Marianne daughter and co heir of Daniel Gahan of Coolquil, county Tipperary and his wife Hannah Bunbury of Kilfeakle. Hannah Bunbury was a co heiress to her uncle Matthew Bunbury of Kilfeakle. Hussey also records his nephew Frederick E. Tighe as the owner of 590 acres in county Tipperary.