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The townland of Ballymacegan borders the River Shannon in the north of county Tipperary. The Macegans were granted lands in the parish of Uskane, barony of Lower Ormond, by the Duke of Ormond in the 17th century. At the time of Griffith's Valuation Darius John MacEgan, a solicitor and son of Barnaby MacEgan of Borrioskane, still held land in the parish of Uskane and in the parish of Dorrha. In December 1854 his estate of 238 acres at Court-hill and Eminiskey, parish of Uskane, was advertised for sale. The sale of one lot was adjourned and the second lot was purchased by John Julian. In 1852 Darius MacEgan bought Lot 2 of the Minchin's Greenhills estate the lands of Blean and Loughisle, barony of Upper Ormond, amounting to 712 acres (see Darius Joseph MacEgan (1856-1939), born in Roscrea, was an Irish artist.

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Archival sources

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Modern printed sources