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Birch (Roscrea)

Members of the Birch family were prominent distillers and brewers at Roscrea, county Tipperary in the 19th century and held land in the parish of Corbally, barony of Ikerrin. In the 1870s George Birch of Monaincha owned 822 acres, James Sayce Birch of Birch Grove owned 1,086 acres and Mary Anne Birch of Kingstown, county Dublin, owned 898 acres in county Tipperary.

Associated Families


Name Townland Civil Parish PLU DED Barony County Map Ref
Birchgrove Birchgrove Corbally Roscrea Roscrea 120 Ikerrin Tipperary OSI Ref: S153 894
OS Sheet: 12
Discovery map: 60
Corville Corville Corbally Roscrea Roscrea 120 Ikerrin Tipperary OSI Ref: S154 884
OS Sheet: 12
Discovery map: 60
Monaincha Monaincha Corbally Roscrea Roscrea 120 Ikerrin Tipperary OSI Ref: S162 889
OS Sheet: 12
Discovery map: 60
Racket Hall Rackethall Corbally Roscrea Roscrea 120 Ikerrin Tipperary OSI Ref: S162 898
OS Sheet: 12
Discovery map: 60
Sheehills House Thesheehys Corbally Roscrea Roscrea 120 Ikerrin Tipperary OSI Ref: S154 872
OS Sheet: 17
Discovery map: 60

Archival sources

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  • BIRCH, Muriel Ethel. The Birch Tree Genealogy, compiled in 1977. Contact George Cunningham, Roscrea.; Private Possession
  • Deeds referring to Tim Henry, Richard & Henry Birch & premises in Rosrea, 1763, 1788, Boxes 36 & 56; Roscrea Heritage Society Centre, Damer House, Roscrea

Contemporary printed sources

Modern printed sources