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Parker (Green Park)

In 1779 John Robert Parker of Green Park, Youghal, county Cork married Catherine Uniacke of Kermincham Hall, Chester, and had 11 children. Catherine was the eldest daughter of John Uniacke of Cottage, county Cork and his wife Frances Mainwaring of Kermincham. Their third son Roger Mainwaring Parker assumed the name Mainwaring following the death of his great uncle John Mainwaring. Henry Parker, second son of John Robert and Catherine was a captain in the Royal Navy and married Lady Frances Theophila Anne daughter of the 11th Earl of Huntington. Their eldest son John Robert Theophilus Hastings Parker married Elizabeth Randall of Swannington Hall, Norwich. At the time of Griffith's Valuation Captain Henry Parker held land in the parish of Knockmourne, barony of Kinnatalloon, county Cork. In July 1851 the fee simple estate of Henry Parker, John R.T.H. Parker, Henry Francis Hastings Parker and others in the counties of Cork and Waterford was advertised for sale. It amounted to 22 lots and contained approximately 12,000 acres in the two counties. Further lands in counties Waterford and Cork belonging to Henry Parker were offered for sale in July 1852 including Cherrymount, county Waterford [possibly bought by the Thackwells]. James Parker was among the principal lessors in the parish of Kilwatermoy, barony of Coshmore & Coshbride, county Waterford, in 1851. Captain Henry Parker held townlands in the parishes of Tallow and Templemichael at the same time. Rev. John Frederick Parker was the owner of over 1200 acres in county Waterford in the 1870s. The Irish Times reported that he had purchased an estate formerly owned by William Jubb in the barony of Decies-without-Drum in 1871.


Name Townland Civil Parish PLU DED Barony County Map Ref
Ballyhamlet House Ballyhamlet Kilwatermoy Lismore Kilwatermoy West 68 Coshmore & Coshbride Waterford OSI Ref: X018910
OS Sheet: 33
Discovery map: 81
Roseville (Tallow) Loughnasollis Upper Tallow Lismore Tallow 68 Coshmore & Coshbride Waterford OSI Ref: X004934
OS Sheet: 28
Discovery map: 81
Cherrymount House Cherrymount Templemichael Youghal Templemichael 102 Coshmore & Coshbride Waterford OSI Ref: X069823
OS Sheet: 37
Discovery map: 81
Green Park Youghal-lands Youghal Youghal Youghal Urban 340 Imokilly Cork OSI Ref: X107 765
OS Sheet: 67
Discovery map: 81

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Contemporary printed sources

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