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The Mathew family of Thomastown, county Tipperary had close connections in the 17th century with the Butler family, Earls of Ormonde. George Mathews of Reaghill was granted a large estate in county Tipperary by patent dated 1666 including part of Thomastown. In 1760 Thomas Mathew of Annefield succeeded to the Mathew estates of Thomastown and Thurles. Thomas was succeeded by his son Francis in 1777 who was created Earl of Llandaff in 1797. In 1764 Francis married Ellis Smyth of Tinny Park, county Wicklow and had three sons and one daughter who all died childless. Their daughter, Elizabeth, left the estates to her cousin, Viscount Chabot, her mother's nephew, who succeeded in 1842. In 1840 the Ordnance Survey Name Books record the ownership by "Lady E. Mathew" of townlands in the parish of Kilfeacle, barony of Clanwilliam. The birthplace and early home of Father Mathew 'The Apostle of Temperance' whose father was a cousin of the 1st Earl of Llandaff and for whom he worked as agent. Mark Bence Jones in an article about Thomastown Castle in ''County Life'' (2 Oct 1969) records the purchase in 1938 of the ruin and 20 acres by Archbishop Mathew, a family connection, to save it from destruction.


Name Townland Civil Parish PLU DED Barony County Map Ref
Thomastown Castle Thomastown Demesne Relickmurry & Athassel Tipperary Thomastown 165 Clanwilliam Tipperary OSI Ref: R980 372
OS Sheet: 60
Discovery map: 66
Rathcloheen Rathcloheen Reclickmurry & Athassel Tipperary Thomastown 165 Clanwilliam Tipperary OSI Ref: R992 371
OS Sheet: 68
Discovery map: 66

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