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Walcott (Croagh)

Captain Thomas Wallcott was granted lands close to the city of Limerick by patent dated 1667. This would appear to be the same person as Colonel Thomas Walcott of Croagh, county Limerick, who was involved in the Rye House Plot. He married Jane Blayney. A mortgage dated 1698 in the Scott solicitor's collection (D.10,549) refers to John Walcott of Grays Inn, Middlesex, son of Thomas Walcott of Croagh. The Walcotts held over 1,000 acres in the barony of Connello, county Limerick and lands in the barony of Burren, county Clare, at this time. The Minchin Walcotts eventually succeeded to Croagh and in 1755 Jane eldest daughter of John Minchin Walcott, Member of Parliament for Askeaton, married as his first wife the Reverend William Cecil Pery. They were the parents of the 1st Earl of Limerick. By the 1790s the Walcotts were leasing Croagh to Gerald Fitzgerald of Croagh and his son also named Gerald (National Archives D.11,029). In 1837 Lewis referred to John Walcott of Clifton, Bristol but originally of Croagh House. Joseph Robert Mahony's rental of part of the lands of Croagh (Ballylin wood and Raheen) was advertised for sale in November 1856. The petitioners were members of the Enraght, Walcott and Fosberry families. The rental records that Raheen House was erected during the liftetime of the late John Walcott. In March 1851 the estate (695 acres) of George Walcott and Henry Lyons Walcott at Middlewalk or Ballygibbon, barony of Upper Ormond, county Tipperary, was advertised for sale. The Freeman's Journal reported that this property was bought by William White. Messrs Wallcott are recording as holding land in the parish of Ballygibbon at the time of Griffith's Valuation. The Oxford DNB records John Walcott (1754-1831), naturalist, eldest son of John Walcott and Mary Yeamans, who had an estate at Croagh, county Limerick. John Walcott married in 1782 Anne Lloyd and in 1783 Dorothy Mary Lyons. The Reverend Mackenzie E.C. Wallcott (1821-1880) of London, who also merits an entry in the DNB, owned 722 acres in county Tipperary in the 1870s but no Irish connection is mentioned.

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Archival sources

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