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Sir Robert Paul was the proprietor of over 800 acres in the parish of Listowel, county Kerry in the 1870s. He acquired this property though his grandmother, Sarah Gun, daughter of William Gun of Kilmaney. The bulk of the Paul estate was in county Carlow where they had an estate at Paulville, near Tullow. In the 1870s Sir Robert Joshua Paul with addresses at Ballyglan, Waterford; Paulville, county Carlow and in county Wicklow and Dublin, owned 1401 acres in county Carlow, 708 acres in county Kerry and 243 acres in county Waterford. In addition, the representatives of Sir Robert's mother, Mrs. Maryann Paul owned over 200 acres in the latter county.

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Name Townland Civil Parish PLU DED Barony County Map Ref
Paulsworth Ballyquin Lisgenan or Grange Youghal Glenwilliam 96 Decies-within-Drum Waterford OSI Ref: X208805
OS Sheet: 38
Discovery map: 82
Mount Alto Knockavelish Killea Waterford Woodstown 94 Gaultiere Waterford OSI Ref: S693044
OS Sheet: 27
Discovery map: 76
Ballyglan House Ballyglan Kill St. Nicholas Waterford Woodstown 94 Gaultiere Waterford OSI Ref: S692046
OS Sheet: 10
Discovery map: 76

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Contemporary printed sources

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