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By the end of the 17th century Joseph Gubbins was settled at Knocklong, county Limerick. Joseph Gubbins, the younger, of Cloghur, county Limerick, was holding land in the barony of Smallcounty from the Evans family of Carass in 1713. His son also named Joseph moved to Kilfrush which was the Gubbins family's main residence throughout the 18th and 19th centuries. James Gubbins, a grandson of the first Joseph Gubbins of Kilfrush was the ancestor of the Kenmare Castle branch of the family. In 1790 George Stamer Gubbins of Kilfrush married Anne Russell and from their second son George Gubbins descend the Milltown branch of the family. The Gubbins held land in the parish of Kilfrush, barony of Smallcounty, and in the 1870s Joseph Gubbins of Kilfrush owned 809 acres in the county while his younger brother Thomas Wise Gubbins of Dunkettle, county Cork, owned 773 acres. Joseph Gubbins of Grange was the owner of 151 acres and George Gubbins of Miltown had 208 acres. Other family members owned various other acreages in county Limerick. The county Cork estate of John Gubbins of Bruree House, Kilmallock, amounted to 952 acres in the 1870s while Gubbins and Lowe of Bruree were the owners of 827 acres. In the 18th century another branch of the Gubbins family lived at Maidstown and intermarried with the Blakeney and Gough families. The Considine Papers in the National Library show that they later leased Maidstown to the Coll family.


Name Townland Civil Parish PLU DED Barony County Map Ref
Kenmare Castle Barrysfarm Hospital Kilmallock Hospital 30 Smallcounty Limerick OSI Ref: R707 362
OS Sheet: 32
Discovery map: 65
Kilfrush Kilfrush Kilfrush Kilmallock Knocklong 22 Smallcounty Limerick OSI Ref: R715 338
OS Sheet: 40
Discovery map: 65
Ballincolloo Ballincolloo Uregare Kilmallock Uregare 24 Smallcounty Limerick OSI Ref: R653 333
OS Sheet: 40
Discovery map: 65
Bruree House Garroose Bruree Kilmallock Bruree 25 Connello Upper Limerick OSI Ref: R550 296
OS Sheet: 39
Discovery map: 73
Maidstown Castle Maidstown Dromin Kilmallock Dromin 27 Coshma Limerick OSI Ref: R585 319
OS Sheet: 39
Discovery map: 65
Uregare House Knockuregare Uregare Kilmallock Dromin 27 Coshma Limerick OSI Ref: R614 335
OS Sheet: 39
Discovery map: 65
Milltown Milltown Uregare Killmallock Uregare 24 Coshma Limerick OSI Ref: R647 352
OS Sheet: 40
Discovery map: 65
Ballynalacken Ballynalacken Ballingarry Kilmallock Glenbrohane 35 Coshlea Limerick OSI Ref: R743 246
OS Sheet: 49
Discovery map: 73
Anngrove Anngrove Carrigtohill Middleton Carrigtohill 270 Barrymore Cork OSI Ref: W806 743
OS Sheet: 75
Discovery map: 81
Lota Park Lotamore Rathcooney Cork Rathcooney 110 Cork Cork OSI Ref: W722 727
OS Sheet: 74
Discovery map: 87

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Contemporary printed sources

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