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The Goold estate was mainly in the parishes of Rathronan (10 townlands) and Ardagh, barony of Shanid, county Limerick but this family also held land in the parishes of St Michaels, barony of Pubblebrien, Mahoonagh and Monagay, barony of Glenquin and Kilmurry, barony of Clanwilliam. Maurice Roach was agent to Thomas Goold, Master in Chancery, Dublin, in the early 1840s. The Dunraven genealogy traces the lineage of Thomas Goold, who was a great grandson of John Quin of Rosbrien, near Limerick city, born in 1692. Thomas Goold bought the Athea estate from Lord Courtenay in 1817, see His son Wyndham Goold, Member of Parliament for county Limerick (died 1854), was the proprietor by the early 1850s. In the 1870s Wyndham's brother Archdeacon Goold of Athea, county Limerick, owned 10,966 acres in the county. In 1873 the Archdeacon's daughter and co heiress, Frances Goold, married Reverend Hamilton Stuart Verschoyle of county Donegal and their son, Hamilton Frederick Stuart Goold Verschoyle, assumed the additional name of Goold. The Archdeacon's sister, Augusta Charlotte, married her cousin, the 3rd Earl of Dunraven. In 1906 the representatives of the Venerable F.F. Goold held about 400 acres of untenanted land at Athea Upper.


Name Townland Civil Parish PLU DED Barony County Map Ref
Castlegrey Castlegrey Kilcornan Rathkeale Kilcornan 126 Kenry Limerick OSI Ref: R420 521
OS Sheet: 11
Discovery map: 65

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Contemporary printed sources

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