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Bond (Carrownure)

The Bonds were descended from a Presbyterian minister who settled in county Longford in the mid 18th century. In the 1830s and 1850s Richard Wensley Bond held an estate in the parish of St Johns, barony of Athlone, county Roscommon. He held it from the Hodsons who had a lease in perpetuity from St George Caulfield dated 1764. Richard W. Bond was the second son of the Very Reverend Wensley Bond, Dean of Ross, and he married Sophia, daughter of Reverend James Bond of Lecarrow, county Roscommon. By the mid 1850s the Bonds were in financial difficulties and their estate at Knockneconnor, Galeybeg, Lecarrow and Carrownure was advertised for sale with some land in county Westmeath. Carrownure was bought by Edward John Irwin in 1857 who sold it to Bernard Bagot of the Castlekelly family the following year. Carrownure remained in the possession of the Bagot family until 1903 when it was purchased by the Auchmutys. Knockneconnor was advertised for sale again in May 1876. In November 1877 over 1000 acres in the barony of Boyle and also in county Leitrim, owned by William & Mary Bond, was offered for sale in the Landed Estates court.


Name Townland Civil Parish PLU DED Barony County Map Ref
Carrownure House Carrownure Upper St Johns Athlone Lecarrow 16 Athlone Roscommon OSI Ref: M994 527
OS Sheet: 46
Discovery map: 40
Galeybeg Galeybeg St Johns Athlone Lecarrow 16 Athlone Roscommon OSI Ref: M963 555
OS Sheet: 42
Discovery map: 40

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Contemporary printed sources

Modern printed sources