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Lloyd (Rockville)

Rockville, originally a Blackburn property, came into the possession of the Lloyd family following the marriage of Owen Lloyd of Lissadorn and Susanna Blackburn in 1740. Colonel Owen Lloyd of Rockville was a member of the Grand Panel of county Roscommon in 1828. In the 1850s William Lloyd held land in the parishes of Drum, Killinvoy, Kiltoom, St Peters, St Johns, Tisrara, barony of Athlone, Cloonygormican, barony of Ballymoe, Kilmore, barony of Ballintober North, Aughrim, Clooncraff, Kiltrustan and Elphin, barony of Roscommon, county Roscommon. Most of his estate was in the hands of the Court of Chancery at this time. He is also recorded as a lessor in the parish of Kilkeevin, barony of Castlereagh. Portions of both the Castlereagh and Roscommon estates were offered for sale in the Landed Estates' Court in 1860. The Irish Times of 30 November 1860 carries a detailed list of purchasers. In the 1870s the representatives of William Lloyd held over 7000 acres in county Roscommon. Over 2,200 acres belonging to Major William Lloyd and 810 acres belonging to Owen M.L. Lloyd were vested in the Congested Districts' Board in March and July 1915 respectively. Richard Pennefather Lloyd, a Dublin barrister and second son of Owen Lloyd of Rockville, married a daughter of James Kelly of Muckloon, parish of Taghboy, barony of Killian, county Galway and was leasing most of the Kelly estate in the mid 19th century. In the 1870s Richard P. Lloyd of Herbert St, Dublin, owned 177 acres in county Roscommon.


Name Townland Civil Parish PLU DED Barony County Map Ref
Muckloon Muckloon Taghboy Mountbellew Taghboy 151 Killian Galway OSI Ref: M806 460
OS Sheet: 47
Discovery map: 47
Arm Lodge Arm Kilkeevin Castlerea Castlereagh 65 Castlereagh Roscommon OSI Ref: M664795
OS Sheet: 27
Discovery map: 39
Fortview Corbaun Kilmore Carrick on Shannon Aughrim East 45 Ballintober North Roscommon OSI Ref: M960937
OS Sheet: 11
Discovery map: 33
Rockville Rockville Aughrim Carrick on Shannon Aughrim East 45 Roscommon Roscommon OSI Ref: M942 933
OS Sheet: 17
Discovery map: 33
Lissadorn Lissadorn Aughrim Carrick on Shannon Creeve 48 Roscommon Roscommon OSI Ref: M884 908
OS Sheet: 16
Discovery map: 33

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Contemporary printed sources

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