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A branch of the Aylward family of Faithlegg, county Waterford was transported to Connacht in the mid 17th century. Peter Aylward was confirmed in his possession of an estate of over 2,400 acres in the parish of Ballynakill, barony of Leitrim, county Galway by patent dated 1677. At the same time Nicholas Aylward was granted over 900 acres at Ardreny in the barony of Clonmacnowen. Peter Aylward married Elizabeth French of Tyrone, county Galway and their son, John Aylward, conformed to Protestantism in 1725. The male line of the Ballynagar family ended with the death of John Michael Aylward in 1867 and the estate passed to his nephew John Michael Aylward Lewis. The estate of James Kearney Aylward at Ardreany in the barony of Clonmacnowen, was offered for sale in the Encumbered Estates court in November 1854. The Freeman's Journal reported that it was purchased by Baron Greene for over £10,000. The estate was sold to the tenants following the Wyndham Land Act in the early twentieth century. Other branches of the family remained in county Waterford and were active in the commercial and political life of the city and county into the nineteenth century.


Name Townland Civil Parish PLU DED Barony County Map Ref
Ballynagar/Ballinagar Ballynagar Ballynakill Loughrea Ballynagar 135 Leitrim Galway OSI Ref: M715041
OS Sheet: 125
Discovery map: 52
Silverstream House Silverstream Ballynakill Loughrea Ballinagar 135 Leitrim Galway OSI Ref: M712032
OS Sheet: 125
Discovery map: 52
Edward's Lodge Derrylahan Ballynakill Loughrea Ballynagar 135 Leitrim Galway OSI Ref: M756011
OS Sheet: 126
Discovery map: 53
Faithlegg House Faithlegg Faithlegg Waterford Faithlegg 90 Gaultiere Waterford OSI Ref: S665122
OS Sheet: 10
Discovery map: 76
Parkswood House Parkswood Upper Kill St. Nicholas Waterford Faithlegg 90 Gaultiere Waterford OSI Ref: S686106
OS Sheet: 18
Discovery map: 76
Brookville (Ballygowan) Ballygowan Ballynakill Loughrea Ballynagar 135 Leitrim Galway OSI Ref: M741043
OS Sheet: 125
Discovery map: 53

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