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NUI Galway
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McGRATH, Mary. ''Landholding in the parish of Castlegar, county Galway: study of five townlands.'' Unpublished Dip, Local Studies dissertation, NUI, Maynooth, 1999.

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8-9. Blake (Kiltullagh, Frenchfort & Vermount) The lands of Kiltullagh/Kiltolla, parish of Oranmore, barony of Dunkellin, county Galway, were grant...
9. O'Flaherty (Lisdonagh) For fifty years in the middle of the 19th century a branch of the O'Flaherty family leased an estate...
10. Fair (Levally) In the early 19th century a branch of the Fair family held the lands of Levally and Cappagory situat...