Landed Estates
NUI Galway

Newtown Geneva

Townland Newtown
Civil Parish Crooke
PLU Waterford
DED Faithlegg 90
County Waterford
Barony Gaultiere
Description In 1848, John Dobbyn was leasing the site known as Geneva Barracks from Lord Waterford's estate. The barracks is described as "in ruins" on the First edition six-inch Ordnance Survey Map of the 1840s. It had been constructed at a site originally intended for a colony of disaffected artisans from Geneva in Switzerland. When this plan was abandoned it was commissioned as a military barracks and used as a prison during the 1798 rebellion. The building was purchased by Lord Waterford in the 1820s. The ruins of a farmhouse as well as extensive perimeter walls remain at the site.
Geneva Barracks (

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