Landed Estates
NUI Galway

Mountrivers (Affane)

Townland Mountrivers
Civil Parish Affane
PLU Lismore
DED Cappoquin 60
County Waterford
Barony Decies without Drum
Description In 1851, Sir Charles Shaw was leasing this property from the Gumbleton estate when it was valued at £27. The Villiers Stuart Papers in PRONI suggest Shaw was the head agent for that estate from the late 1840s.Lewis refers to it as the seat of Rev. G. Gumbleton in 1837. Mountrivers was demolished in the 1990s. A nearby property [X104975]. valued at £15, was held by Shaw from the Musgrave estate and used as a fever hospital.
Outbuilding at Mountrivers (

Property Location