Landed Estates
NUI Galway


Townland Woodville
Civil Parish Ballymackey
PLU Nenagh
DED Ballygibbon 108
County Tipperary
Barony Upper Ormond
Description Woodville was a home of a branch of the Minchin family from the mid 18th century. The Reverend James Poe was resident at Woodville, Nenagh, in 1814 and Lewis records Humphrey Minchin as the proprietor in 1837. The Ordnance Survey Name Books mention that it had "by far the most beautiful demesne in the parish". He is also recorded as the occupier in Griffith's Valuation when the house was valued at £20.14 shillings and held in fee. When advertised for sale in 1869 James J. Poe was given as the tenant under the Court of Chancery. The house was described as containing a basement story, three large sitting rooms and five principal bedrooms. In 1906 occupied by Alice M.M. Bunbury. George W. Bunbury of Woodville owned 516 acres in the 1870s.
Woodville (

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