Landed Estates
NUI Galway


Townland Ballygrennan
Civil Parish St Munchins
PLU Limerick
DED Limerick North Rural 58
County Limerick
Barony North Liberties of Limerick
Description The original building was a residence of the O'Briens of Thomond. Wilson, writing in 1786 refers to Castle-Park as the seat of Mr. Smith. In 1789 it became Ormsby property and was named Blackland Castle. The home of William Maunsell in 1814. In 1833 it became the property of Christopher Delmege who rebuilt most of it. The Ordnance Survey Field Name Book describes it as "a splendid edifice 4 story high overlooking the Shannon and estimated at £2,000." The house was valued at £55 in the early 1850s and Christopher Delmege held it from the Marquess of Lansdowne. It was the seat of James O'Grady Delmege in 1894. Occupied by James Lyons, Limerick city coroner in the late 20th century, the house was gutted by fire in 2001 and for sale in 2007 for 40 million euro (Irish Independent 20 Dec 2007). Caste Park remains derelict.
Castlepark (Stan Stewart. Courtesy Clare County Library. Miscellaneous Collections)
Castlepark (

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