Landed Estates
NUI Galway

Loughgur Castle

Townland Loughgur
Civil Parish Knockainy
PLU Kilmallock
DED Knockainy 23
County Limerick
Barony Smallcounty
Description In 1786 Wilson refers to Lough-Gur as the seat of Henry Baylee. This house was ccupied by John "Boylie" in 1814 and by Miss Bailie in 1837. In the early 1850s William Evans was resident. He held the house valued at £11 from the Count De Salis. It was adjacent to the remains of a tower house known as Bouchier's Castle. The property at this site is labelled "Lough Gur Farm" on the 25-inch map of the 1890s. The book edited by Mary Carbery, "The Farm by Lough Gur", published in 1937, contains a description of the Baylee property at Loughgur. The original Bayley house is no longer extant.
Tower house at Lough Gur (photograph courtesy of Joseph Lennon)

Property Location