Landed Estates
NUI Galway

Crotta House

Townland Crotta
Civil Parish Kilflynn
PLU Listowel
DED Kilfeighny 108
County Kerry
Barony Clanmaurice
Description Samuel Julian was in possession of this property at the time of Griffith's Valuation, when it was valued at £27. Lewis records it as the seat of T. Ponsonby in 1837 while Leet notes it as the residence of James O'Donnel in 1814. In 1786 Wilson writes that "Crotto" was the seat of James Carrigue Ponsonby and "very pleasantly situated with good plantations". Bary writes that Crotta had been built by the Ponsonby family and was later held on lease from the Court of Chancery by the Julian estate. At the sale of the latter estate in 1857, Crotta was described as being in the hands of the proprietor Samuel Julian. Later in the nineteenth century it was leased to the Kitchener family. Herbert Kitchener, later Earl of Khartoum, lived there as a boy. The estate was the property of the Browne family in the later nineteenth century but was offered for sale by Thomas Beale Browne in 1877. In 1894 Slater records it as the seat of Richard Savage. In the 1940s the Irish Tourist Association Survey describes it as " a ruined shell" where there was once "an imposing mansion". The remains of the house were demolished in the later twentieth century.
Former gate lodge at Crotta (Buildings of Ireland)

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