Landed Estates
NUI Galway


Townland Castlegrove East
Civil Parish Kilbennan
PLU Tuam
DED Foxhall 218
County Galway
Barony Dunmore
Description Originally a Blake house, it was occupied by the Lewins from 1888. Wilson refers to Castle-Grove as the seat of Mr. Blake in 1786. It would seem that this house was replaced in the nineteenth century as, although listed in Leets directory of 1814, the sale rental of 1852 records Castlegrove as a mansion house erected 'within the last twelve years'. It included a ballroom, oak staircase and numerous bedrooms. It was bought by John William Cannon. The sale rental includes a lithograph of the house. Castlegrove was burnt in 1922 and is now a ruin.
Castlegrove (Photograph courtesy of Dr. Patrick Melvin & Eamonn de Burca)

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